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The Coral Charm Peony boasts a unique coral-peach hue, strikingly set against deep green leaves. A color breakthrough for Peonies! 


 Bouquet pictured: 20 stems

What you'll get:
20/40 stems of freshly cut Coral Charm peonies wrapped in paper.
Peonies are 23 inches long

You will need your own vase prepared with cool water, clippers, or a knife to cut the stems

Step 1: Open your package.
Step 2: Keep flowers wrapped in the paper they were packed in.
Step 3: Cut the stems 1/4" by laying flowers on a cutting board, slice the ends of the stems then place in water until you are ready to design.
Step 4: Prepare your vases with cool water
Step 5: Remove any leaves from the bottom of the stems so that no leaves emerge in the water once in your vase
Step 6: Place your peonies in your vase and enjoy their beauty!
Step 7: Every 2 days, cut the stems 1/4'' and change the water.